When to Upgrade Shared Hosting to VPS

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When to Upgrade Shared Hosting to VPS

Upgrading from shared hosting to VPS is one big decision. Because you will be moving your website and your entire data to a new server, you need to make sure that it is worth the effort. But if you already know what VPS web hosting can offer, you will surely think that a little sacrifice of short downtime and a little inconvenience are worth it.

But it is also important to know when to upgrade shared hosting to VPS. This way, you will not waste your money and your effort into something that your current hosting can provide to you. And if you are unsure on whether you should do the upgrade, read the list below. This will give you a good insight about VPS and when you should move to it.

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When to Upgrade to VPS Web Hosting

When you think it is time to move on and upgrade to a better server, take a look at the list below to help confirm your hunch.

  • Need Better Service

When you think that your current shared hosting cannot keep up with the demand of your website, you should upgrade to a VPS hosting. This will give you much more freedom. Also, this will provide you with the control that you need on your server so that you can tweak it to make it more compatible with your preferences.

But do not worry about the price, through. Virtual Private Servers are much cheaper than dedicated web hosting. Thus, you will have the advantages of having your own server without having the need to pay for such fees.

  • Expansion

When you know that you need your web host to be expanded to accommodate your needs, you need to upgrade to VPS hosting. The disk space and bandwidth are some of the things that you will be concerned about when you need to expand your website. And you can improve these features by upgrading to VPS.

You will also be able to make your website more secure when you upgrade to VPS hosting as you can now get a dedicated IP address, which is needed for SSL Certificate installation. You will also get a lot of use from VPS hosting as your dedicated IP addresses can open some ports that you will probably need to be able to use certain applications that will greatly improve the functionality of your website.

  • Be the Master of Your Domains

When you need to take control over your domains to make them more secure and efficient, you need to upgrade to VPS hosting. Because you will be able to tweak the core processes such as the operating system, web applications and MySQL database of your server, you can improve your web hosting very effectively.

Upgrading to VPS web hosting will be one of the biggest and most beneficial things that you can do for your website. This will not only enable you to have more freedom over your server but will also give you more benefits that you can use to improve and make your website more efficient.


When to Upgrade Shared Hosting to VPS|  Free help Moving to VPS

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