Ways to Check the Speed of Your Website for Free

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Ways to Check the Speed of Your Website for Free

Your website’s page load speed is important as this can either make your visitors frequent your site or abandon it altogether. Because Internet users’ patience nowadays is getting smaller, they only look for sites that load faster. A mere 5-second delay in page load can cost you precious visitors. So, it is important to know how fast your website is so that you can do steps on how to improve your site’s webpage load speed.

Testing Your Website’s Speed

There are various ways to check the speed of your website for free. Many websites are offering speed test services to any visitor, which can greatly help you determine your site’s speed and improve it.

Here are some free website speed test services that you may find useful.

  • Google Page Speed Online

Aside from its top search engine, Google is also known for its Page Speed Online tool.  This is a great tool because the results and suggestions are based on the Web Performance Best Practices of Google. This means that you can improve your PageRank with the practices that you can follow to improve your site.

Aside from improving your site’s PageRank, you can also improve your site’s loading speed, which will further increase the traffic in your website.

  • Pingdom

Another great webpage load checker is Pingdom. It features detailed results and analysis as well as graphical presentation of results. Because it provides a lot of detailed analysis, it is great for improving your site’s overall aspect. From the size of your files to your website to the downloading time of these elements, everything is shown in the report.

A separate tab shows the detailed information about your website. The info can help you improve your website properly, without having the need to guess which elements are helpful and which ones need configuration.

  • Free Speed Test

On the other hand, Free Speed Test does check your website’s performance though data centers and not through your website’s files and elements. This is great because you are able to know how your website performs all around the world since the performance on the different data centers is recorded.

Speed Up Your Website

If you want to speed up your site, you may avail of CDN or Content Delivery Network service. This is offered to webmasters who own websites that have targeted audiences all around the world.

The purpose of this service is to make the data of your website available to your visitors. Data centers from around the world have copies of your website files and the nearest data center will send the files to the visitor using your site. Because the files are closer to the visitors, the page load speed is much faster and the download of your files, from your site to your visitor’s computer and vice versa, is a lot quicker.

If you own a website that targets lots of audience groups from around the world, this solution would be great. It will not only be beneficial to your visitors but will also be advantageous for you as well.

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