Using Melbourne IT Domain Names with Hostgator Guide

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Using Melbourne IT Domain Names with Hostgator Guide

You are probably one of those millions of website builders and bloggers who are using Hostgator for your website’s hosting services. But you are probably wondering if it is possible to use a domain name coming from another domain name registrar instead of using the domain names from Hostgator. Yes, it is possible.

One of the leading domain name registrars in Australia is Melbourne IT. This Australia based company is a domain registrar that has most of the major global and national domains. They also offer web and hosting email services as well as other online related marketing services. This is your using Melbourne IT domain names with Hostgator guide.

Changing the Name Servers with Melbourne IT

In order for you to possibly use your domain name from Melbourne IT, you must first modify your name server. Yes, you need to do this yourself because Hostgator does not have the capability to modify the name server for you. What Hostgator can do is to provide you with steps on how you can do this on your own. Once you are done modifying your name servers, you will then be able to use your domain name for your website even if you use Hostgator as your web hosting provider.

Find Out the Name Servers for Your Hosting Account

The first step in changing the name servers is to determine what name servers you have to be using. This will vary depending on the type of server and the type of hosting services you are using. The best way to know your name server is to refer to the welcome email that you will receive from Hostgator. This is the email that you will get the moment you sign up for a web hosting package. The email contains the name servers that have been listed for your hosting account and you can use these name servers on all sites that are being hosted on your web hosting account with Hostgator.

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Step By Step Process of Changing your Name Servers

So here is the step by step process of changing your name servers, as provided by Hostgator:

  • First, log in to your account with Melbourne IT.
  • Refer to the domain names section and then click the option to view/manage domain names.
  • Choose the domain name that you want to modify. After which, the domain management page will be shown.
  • Refer to the Name Server Details and then click “change delegation details”.
  • Go to the Delegation Page and type in the name servers that you will find on the welcome email that you receive from Hostgator.
  • Click on the “submit changes” option.

All customers of Hostgator can change their domain DNS through the control panel interface. Take note that as soon as you made changes into your name servers, the 24 – 48 hour DNS propagation will soon follow. At this time, your email and your website may not be available for you to access.

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