How to Start a Photography Website

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How to Start a Photography Website

Obviously, a photography website is mainly about pictures and images. If you are thinking of creating a website of this kind, whether as a way to share the beautiful images you have captured or perhaps to advertise your photography business, you will need to make use of a CMS that will allow you to come up with several galleries and improve your graphics potential.

The CMS should help to make your photos easy to upload and display on your site. Just to give you an idea, here are the best CMS websites to use along with tips on how to start a photography website using these programs. We prefer Hostgator to start your site with.


Weebly is a great choice if you want to showcase your photography works. Not only will Weebly allow you to design beautiful sites without any code required, their interface is very user friendly and it results to a highly impressive website. If you check out some of the best photography sites out there, you will find that they are entirely built out of Weebly.


Another popular choice when it comes to a photography site is the Squarespace. It has an outstanding CMS which is the reason why a lot would prefer this for their photography site. One of the reasons why a lot of website builders will choose Squarespace is because the designs of the websites are truly outstanding, and as you know, this is what every photographer would want for their site. They also have a wide collection of gallery tools that can help to add visual effects on your site. Furthermore, it has handy e-commerce integration so it is ideal for those who are thinking of selling goods and services.


WordPress is perhaps, the most popular and widely used CMS in the World Wide Web, making it a great choice for photography sites. First of all, WordPress is so easy to use and can help to make your site look really impressive. It is easy to add galleries on WordPress as well so you will not have a hard time in publishing the photographs you have captured.

It will work even better if you add some plugins on your site, and choose the right template and theme. As for the photo plugins, you might find it hard to choose from the list of the various plugins available. For starters, choose plugins that allow your visitors to easily share your photos on social media sites.

If you choose WordPress, then it is recommended that you choose Hostgator as your web hosting provider for your photography site. They have great support and offers affordable packages.  They have a pay monthly hosting option.


Wix is also a good choice of CMS for photography sites. They have a wide selection of great themes and most of these can be easily customized for a photography site. Wix has become so popular among photographers, from amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals. It has a highly integrating hosting feature, with mobile ready sites and low cost services. It also comes equipped with an easy to use drag and drop editor and is certainly a great option for those who have not tried building a website yet.

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