How to Set-up Your Own Website on GoDaddy Domains

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How to Set-up Your Own Website on GoDaddy Domains

Some people believe that buying a domain name is also buying a whole website. They think that after they have bought a domain name from a web hosting provider or a domain name registrar, they are already able to create a website from that purchase alone. That is a misconception that often puts people into frustration. So to clear things up, here is a simple guide on how to set-up your own website on GoDaddy domains.

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Creating Your Own Website

  • After the Domain Name Purchase

After you have bought your domain name, say, from GoDaddy – a very good domain name registrar, you should purchase a web hosting plan. Hostgator is a great web hosting provider so you might want to check it out. This web hosting provider has lots of tools that will help you set up your own website easily and quickly. Thus, you will be able to create your own website even if you are a newbie or not that familiar with website creation techniques.

Your web hosting will be where you will upload and store your data that you want to put on your website. It is like a massive storage that stores your files and puts your data on the Internet so that people will be able to access it. So, when your visitors visit your website through your domain name, it will be pointed to your server. Your server will be the one that sends the content of your website to the Internet, enabling your visitors to view and access it.

  • Creating Your Hostgator Web Hosting Account

You just have to go to Hostgator’s website and purchase a web hosting plan that you think is best for you. You can start off by purchasing their basic plan if you are a newbie. There are tools and tips in Hostgator that will help you know how to set-up your own website on Go Daddy domains so you won’t have any problems.

  • Link Your GoDaddy Domain Name to Your Host Gator Web Server

After you have bought your web hosting plan, you can now link your Go Daddy domain name to your Hostgator web server. This will enable Internet users to be able view and access your website.

Just set up your DNS settings on your domain name account – point your domain name onto your web server by providing the name servers of your web hosting plan – ns1.Hostgatorcom and Just go to your domain name registrar account and change the nameservers.

  • Website Creation

Once you have linked your Go Daddy domain name on your Hostgator web server, you can now set up your own website using your GoDaddy domain. You can use lots of website creation tools that are available on Host Gator. But if you are not that familiar with these tools, you can install website creation software that will make your job easier. You can install WordPress so that you can easily set up your website and start uploading your content on your new blog site.


How to Create Your Own Website on Go Daddy Domains

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