How to Make Domain Name Work with Hostgator Web Hosting

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How to Make Domain Name Work with Hostgator Web Hosting

Although Hostgator is both a web hosting company and a domain name registrar, it does not necessarily mean that you need to get both services from them when it comes to building your website. You can possibly build your website using Hostgator web hosting services even if your domain name is provided by a third party domain name registrar such as

On this article, you will find out how to make domain name work with Hostgator web hosting.

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All about

Remember that your success in the World Wide Web will start by having a great domain. is a company that can help you to obtain great domains at a price you can definitely afford. The company offers several top level domains, also known as TLDs, and they also have more than 25 country code TLDs. Each and every domain name registration at will come with the following domain features:

  • Automatically forwards emails into another valid email address.
  • DNS management.
  • Email forwarding system.
  • Protects your domains against any unauthorized domain transfers.
  • Redirect traffic coming from one domain into another domain.
  • Regains full control on your DNS records.
  • Transfer lock feature.
  • URL forwarding feature.

By choosing, you can be guaranteed of a great domain without having to spend a lot of money.

Making your Domain Name to Work with Hostgator

If you want to make your domain name from to work with Hostgator web hosting services, the first thing that you will do is to update your name servers at Hostgator will not have the capability to modify or update the name servers for you, but they can help you with how to update your name servers in your account with

Updating Name Servers at

So here are the steps on how you can update name servers at your account with

Remember that in order to use the name servers of Hostgator, you should click on the radio button right next to the section that says “use different name servers”. When you do this, the two text fields will soon become active.

After that, key in the name servers provided by Hostgator for your corresponding hosting account. Click the option that says “save” as soon as you are done in making changes on your name servers. There will be 24 – 48 hours DNS propagation after this and you cannot use your email and your website during this time.

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