How to Make a Website

by YourOwnSite

The seven (7) step method to make a website

Step 1 – Web Design considerations in making a website

Web Design

What will your web site look like and what features will it contain? Write it down on paper using a stepwise approach:

  • Features List
  • Layout & Navigation
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Text
  • Artistic Preference

Step 2 – Hosting bandwidth and space considerations when making a site

Bandwidth & Web Space Requirements Analysis

What will it take in terms of web hosting to accommodate the web design in Step 1? Estimate the host disk space and monthly traffic requirements. We provide formulas, calculators and examples. How will you create the web pages? Web authoring software options examined.  The good thing is, now days most hosting includes unlimited bandwidth and web space, which makes this step less of a concern.  Most newbie websites are fine with cheap shared web hosting.  If you’re going to run an eCommerce site with Magento or other eCommerce type software, we suggest you should look at VPS hosting as a starting point.

Step 3 – A domain name is needed to build your own website

Domain Name Registration

Do you need one? Effective domain name selection and domain name registration procedures. Price comparisons.  GoDaddy is the world’s largest registrar and usually has the best prices.  Click here for the best GoDaddy offer. is another older, reliable domain registrar that offers a lot of great deals on new domains. is currently running a $2.50 domain name sale – you can’t beat that.

Step 4 – Web hosting is also needed to create your own website

Web Hosting

Choose a web hosting service that meets your web site design requirements in Step 2. Web host comparisons, criteria driven searches, expert reviews, QA process.  The prices for web hosting packages have come down considerably in the last few years.  You can nowfind excellent, reliable shared website hosting for less than $4/month by clicking here from favorite hosts like HostGator.  Or, if you don’t have the cash to pay for a full year of web hosting, get pay monthly web hosting and start building your site today.

Step 5 – Building your website pages

Web Development

Build the web pages. Method depends upon decisions reached in Step 2. Expert guides to coding, testing, validating, uploading, performance concerns.

Step 6 – How to get people to your website

Web Site Promotion

Get your web site indexed. Search engine promotion and submission strategies. Proper keyword selection. Search engine ranking and web site optimization rules.  The world of Search Engine Optimization aka SEO changes rapidly in the modern internet era.  Google algorithm changes like Penguin, Panda, and EMD have website owners scrambling how to figure out how to get and keep free natural search traffic to their site.

Step 7 – How to keep your website healthy and up and running

Web Site Maintenance

Ongoing web site promotion, traffic analysis, web site performance, links testing, popularity testing, host performance.  Don’t get caught with your proverbial pants down.  There’s a lot of hackers out there trying to hack your site.  Keep your website safe and secure.

A breakdown of web site types.

Small Business

Online Business Card


Multimedia Enhanced

Clubs, Associations & Organizations


Database Driven

Multimedia Enhanced

Hobbyist & Special Interest


Database Driven

Multimedia Enhanced

Personal, Family & Special Occasions




How to Make a Website

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