How To Keep Your Own WordPress Website Safe From Hackers

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How To Keep Your Own WordPress Website Safe From Hackers

WordPress is easily one of the most popular platforms used by many websites all over the world. The danger here is that it can easily be one of the top targets for hacking activities. Most WordPress sites are privately hosted by their site owners. This can be excellent especially when the hosting companies used are trusted as well.

However, there also other solutions as to how hacking can be avoided. Here are several tips on how to keep your own WordPress website safe from hackers.

Preventing URL Hacks

URL hacks can happen in WordPress sites. This is because WordPress uses PHP scripts in their database. Therefore, hackers can use SQL in order to hack into the different URLs provided and enter various things that will endanger data. When this happens, information can easily be obtained and can be used dangerously either to hack vital information from your website or destroy your website entirely.

Also, committing mistakes when making the URL can lead to several other problems that will result in the entry of different malware that may further endanger your site and the information stored in there.

What you can do is to make sure that you use several commands that will restrict URL hacks. You can prevent the injection of SQL by making sure that there are limited commands that can be used to change or modify your URLs.

Access To Vital Information

Surely, there are several files that really need protection from hackers. Therefore, what you can do is to limit the accessibility of these files. Keeping them private should be a good option and keeping them only visible to you will be best. You can also choose to block others from looking into these files by using a specific command that disable outside access. You will need to add this command to the Apache .htaccess file.

Default Account As Admin

Your WordPress account has the default name of “Admin”. Predictable behavior is a main thing that makes hackers gets into various WordPress accounts. Therefore, what you can do is to log into your account and then make another account that will have another name other than Admin. Choose the name carefully.

It will be best to write something that isn’t too common and too predictable. Make all other things accessible only through this new account. After that, delete the previous account so that no one enters your account via this old one.

Trial-And-Error Log In

Hackers will always try to log into your account. However, you can prevent this from happening by simply making sure that the password you choose is something that isn’t too predictable. It is a rule of thumb to use longer passwords and a combination of different characters that won’t make it to easy to decipher.

You also need to check your account regularly and modify your password after a given period of time. This is one of the tips on how to keep your own WordPress website safe from hackers that are often forgotten. This will help you make your website more secure in the process. Passwords can easily be obtained when you choose to use names that connect to your details such as name, birthday, and the like. Make it something more unique – something that is only known to you.

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Kean July 17, 2013 at 4:07 pm

My website got hacked!! I use WP Platform and suddenly i can’t access the control panel any more. Can you help me out please?


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