How To Buy Your Own Website Address Domain Name

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How To Buy Your Own Website Address Domain Name

Starting a website will require you to buy a domain name. Of course, if you are starting out and you don’t really intend it for long term use, you can always start by registering under an existing site and this will give you a sub-domain, in a sense. This is essentially good for bloggers wherein they can register under free blogging sites and have a unique sub-domain name that they can use.

Assuming that you want your website for long-term use, here are several tips on how to buy your own website address domain name.

Domain Name Providers

There are several domain name providers. These companies can help you select a good domain name. You can also register through them. For a lot of people, GoDaddy is the best choice especially if this is your first time registering a domain name.

Domain Name Availability

You need to check on the availability of your chosen domain name. It will be better to consider a web address that isn’t too short or too long. Remember that online users use search engines to find what they need and, usually, the more specific your web address is, the more it can appear on the top list searches they make. Fortunately, GoDaddy makes it very easy to check for domain name availability.

Prioritize .Com Over Other Top-Level Domains

When choosing a domain name, .com is the best preference. Most users consider .com as the basic domain name used by most sites.

However, if the .com isn’t available, you can easily use other  top-level domains. This will depend on your own target population. Most times, people choose country-based domain names when they want to focus on a specific country. If you don’t really want to identify your website with a specific country, you can also choose other domain names such as .net and .org. If a .com is not available, GoDaddy will recommend .net and .org if they’re available.

There are tons of domain names to choose from. You don’t have to lose hope because there will always be something available for you.


After you’ve decided upon the specific domain name you have and presuming that it is available, you can now proceed to register it as your own. The duration of your usage will entirely depend upon you. The maximum period that you can register it for is ten years.


It is a necessary reminder that getting a domain name and registering it as a specific web address will be a deciding point for you. Therefore, registering a domain name and web address similar to your own company name is much better. Keyword optimization will also help since the more specific your domain name is, the more people will be brought to your site when they do search engine searches.

Now that you know how to buy your own website address domain name, it’s time for you to take care of it. There are lots and lots of domain names to choose from and you will surely find one for you. However, if the specific domain name you want isn’t available, you can also choose to buy it. Contact the user and you might be lucky enough to strike a deal with him. A good domain name registrar has available tools to help you do this.

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