GoDaddy Is The Best Facebook SSL Certificate Authority

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3 Reasons GoDaddy Is The Best Facebook SSL Certificate Authority

With the growing popularity of social networks, there is an inherent need to ensure the security of its millions of users, which is why there is now a need to find the best Facebook SSL certificate Authority in the industry.  The move to require additional security is seen by many social network users as a step towards the right direction because of the multitude of applications that are currently being offered initially for free, but at a certain point the users are required to register for a certain fee, which definitely needs a secure connection.

With Facebook currently being the most popular there is definitely good reason to pick a Certificate Authority that is equally popular and in demand.  This would substantially trim down the available choices, especially when you look at the current crop of SSL certificate providers, many of which do not even have the same amount of exposure in the industry as GoDaddy, which is over a century.  Here are some reasons why GoDaddy may be the best Facebook SSL certificate provider to choose.

  1. Low cost SSL solution.

Considering that social networks are generally free, then it would be reasonable to expect that the best SSL certificate for Facebook would be the one that can be most affordable for majority of the users.  With the requirement of Facebook to make use of secured connections for pages and applications that are hosted away from it, website owners will benefit greatly from the affordable SSL certificate packages offered by GoDaddy.

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Aside from the different dependable products of Go Daddy such as website design, hosting service, and domain name registration among others, it also offers over 40 cloud-based services and products, which include domains by proxy private registration, e-commerce website hosting, blog software, online photo hosting, podcast packages, search engine optimization utilities, and SSL certificates of course.

With more than a century of experience in the computing industry, Go Daddy understands the needs of the stakeholders, which is why it is aware that a good SSL certificate should not cost tons of money.  By providing affordable SSL certificates, even those that use non-mission critical applications for their business pages on Facebook will not hesitate to buy one.  The price of its SSL certificates are up to 15 times lower than its competitors, which is why it is the best Facebook SSL certificate provider to choose.

  1. The largest provider.

One of the reasons why GoDaddy is the best SSL certificate for Facebook is that it is currently the largest provider not only of SSL certificates, but of domain names and web hosting services as well.  This is primarily because of its ability to leverage pricing with excellent customer care services.  Because of this, it is likewise the second largest provider of EV SSL certificates in the computing industry.

Becoming the largest provider definitely requires a strong and continued growth to allow the Certificate Authority to dominate the market.  The type of rapid growth exhibited by GoDaddy not only reinforces the common notion that it provides the best SSL certificate for Facebook, but also its ability to deliver to the market great pricing products and services.  In fact, since it offered SSL certificates in 2004, the dedication to its core principles have never changed, as evidenced by its ease of use, ubiquitous customer care, and affordability.

The main service delivered by SSL certificates is the encryption of transactions between the web browser of customers and that of the web server.  This is done to preserve the integrity of the transmitted data as well as protect the personal and financial information of customers from unauthorized access.  Since GoDaddy requires the strictest level of identity verification of its applicants, any website that makes use of its SSL certificate can guarantee confidence and security.  This makes it the best Facebook SSL certificate authority in the industry.

  1. Go with the best.

Perhaps the most convincing reason that GoDaddy is the best Facebook SSL certificate authority to choose is that it has been declared by as the best SSL certificate provider of 2012.  This kind of testament to its capability to deliver online security should give both website owner and customers the peace of mind and confidence to continue with their online transactions.

There is no denying that an SSL certificate is one of the most effective ways to secure online transactions, and where better to buy one, than from the best in the industry.  As the best SSL certificate for Facebook, it helps to protect any business pages, applications, and even fan pages from outside virtual attacks that can be tantamount to an online threat.  The commitment of GoDaddy to consistently deliver the best security features is something that website owners and customers will truly benefit from.

Another thing to consider why it is the best SSL certificate for Facebook is that despite its rigorous verification and validation process for applications, the processing time is still significantly shorter compared to its competitors.  This translates to a shorter waiting time for applicants, which means that they can launch their online business significantly faster.  It is noteworthy to point out that the SSL certificate protection extended by GoDaddy is also effective against session hijacking attacks.

As the best SSL provider in the industry, it not only provides affordable prices, but also incorporates that use of secure unlimited servers in the SSL packages, which is better than what its competitors normally offer, where licensing fees are usually charged for every server used.  The wide recognition that its SSL certificate enjoys allows it to be deployed with all major web browsers today.

These are three very convincing reasons why GoDaddy should be considered as the best Facebook SSL certificate authority.


GoDaddy Is The Best SSL Certificate Authority for Facebook Pages or Apps

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