Does Your Hostgator Hosted Website Need a SSL Certificate?

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Does Your Hostgator Hosted Website Need a SSL Certificate?

Does your Hostgator hosted website need a SSL Certificate? This may be one of the questions that you have when you have a website. Since protected websites are ideal, you may want to have your site protected even if you are hosting your website on a reliable and well-established hosting company like Hostgator. Hence, it would be best to know whether you need to have your website protected with an SSL Certificate or not.

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Does Your Website Need an SSL Certificate?

Here are some things that will help you decide whether to have your site protected with an SSL Certificate or not. The list will also help you realize why having a certificate for your site would be advantageous, particularly on certain circumstances:

  • SSL-Verified websites perform better than unprotected ones.

One of the things that you will realize about having an SSL-verified website is that it performs better than ones that are not protected. Since HTTPS is a ranking factor, according to Google, your website will perform better on search results when you have it switched to HTTPS.

People will be more attracted to your Hostgator hosted website when it is evidently secured with an SSL Certificate. And since certificate protected sites can be accessed via HTTPS or have a green padlock on the address bar of the browser, Internet users will be able to easily identify which websites that can visit safely. Hence, you can expect to have more visitors or customers when you have your site switched to HTTPS.

  • Encrypted websites gain more customers.

When you have your website protected with SSL, you will notice an increase in sales if you are selling products or services in your website. Since customers will be able to see that their credit cards details, bank information and login info are encrypted and will not be used by hackers and scammers, they will feel safer transacting within your site. This will ultimately result in higher profits, and in time, bigger business.

By simply showing your SSL badge on your site or checkout page, you are gaining more trust from your clients, which is a good thing, especially for your business’ reputation.

  • SSL-verified websites are not easy to steal or duplicate.

When you have your Hostgator hosted website protected with SSL, you can be more confident that your website will not be duplicated easily. Since you have an SSL badge and a padlock on your address bar, people will be able to identify which website is yours, even if there is a duplicate created by online scammers and hackers.

By letting your clients know that your website is verified by well-established certificate authorities like GoDaddy and Symantec, you can warn them not to transact on a duplicate site, which is evidently not protected with SSL and is not accessible via HTTPS.

When you decide to protect your Hostgator hosted website with an SSL Certificate, check out Symantec and GoDaddy. They are two of your best bets when it comes to SSL protection: their services and price will not disappoint.

Godaddy is a great option for reliable, cheap SSL certs.  Get the best price.

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