Bought a domain at Namecheap. Use Bluehost web hosting?

by YourOwnSite

Bought a domain at Namecheap. How to use Bluehost web hosting to build a website?

So you bought a domain at Namecheap. Then, you want to know how to use Bluehost web hosting with your Namecheap domain to build a website? Even if that may sound difficult, it really is not. Buying a domain name at Namecheap then hosting it on Bluehost so that you can use your web hosting to create a website is really simple and would only take just a few minutes to do.

Hosting Your Namecheap Domain Name on Bluehost

Pointing your domain name towards you web hosting will enable your visitors to view the content of your website, which is stored on your web host server. Through this process, you are enabling your website content to be accessible to your audience, which is the purpose of your website.

Hosting your Namecheap domain name on Bluehost is really simple. Just follow the steps below to point your domain name towards your Bluehost server:

  • Get Your Nameservers

After adding your domain name onto your Bluehost accounts, the next thing that you should do is to get the nameservers from your hosting provider. Bluehost will give you that information in your welcome email. So, be sure that the emails that your hosting provider and domain name registrar are kept in a safe place or folder in your email account.

  • Copy Your Nameservers

You can either copy your nameservers on a piece of paper or copy it on a notepad for future reference. Now, log in to your account on Namecheap and access the domain name that you want to edit the nameservers.

  • Change the Nameservers on Namecheap

On ‘My Account’, mouse over the tab then click on ‘Manage Domains’ on the dropdown menu. That would be on the upper right side of the screen. Then, hit the ‘Transfer DNS to Webhost’ at the sidebar or at the options at the center of the page. After that, click on the radio button of ‘Specify Custom DNS Servers’. There will be fields where you need to put the nameservers for your domain name. You will have to put two nameservers in there.

Mostly, your nameservers will be ‘’ and ‘’.

The process usually takes just a few minutes but the propagation of the nameservers worldwide will take mostly one to two days. So before you panic and take any actions, wait for two days before sending any tickets to the support team when you think that the changing of the nameservers was not successful.

Keep in mind that your domain name account is very important in keeping your whole website safe. So, it is best to keep your login information in a safe place to avoid hacking and other malicious attacks by third parties. Also, ensure that your web hosting login information is also secured so that you domain names, your website data and your whole server is safe and away from hacking. Always keep your login information in a safe yet accessible place so that you can always access your login info without letting anyone hack into them.


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