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Don’t have a lot of money, but still want to get your website up today?

Here’s what you do: buy a pay by the month web hosting package from a reliable web host.

Most web hosting providers don’t have a monthly pay option.  They require you to pay for a full year of hosting up front.  Well, not everyone has the case to pay for a full year of web hosting in one shot.  If you’re like a lot of people, you’d rather pay monthly for your web hosting.

So if cost was holding you back from building your website, get monthly web hosting from HostGator today.  Host Gator is the only quality web host that offers this option that I’m aware of.  So jump on monthly hosting before it goes away.

You won’t regret it.  Purchase the month by month hosting now, and have your website up before you know it.  You’ll feel great knowing you have that web site built you’ve wanted for so long.

In searching for the best pay monthly web hosting services, website owners should be wary about falling into the trap of marketing strategies.  There is no doubt that with such a huge competition, many web hosting services are willing to do just about anything, just to lure in customers to make a profit.  This includes outrageous claims of unlimited everything for their services, which, on paper would look excellent, but in execution can be extremely suspect.

The sad part about it is that many web hosting services take advantage of the lack of technical skill knowledge of some website owners by offering unlimited plans that they simply cannot back up.  These types of web hosting services should be avoided altogether because they only cost more in the end.  There are also some that try to hide the details by putting them in the fine print of the service agreement, which unfortunately many website owners do not read.  Take note of these issues on your search for the best pay monthly web hosting services.

  1. Beware of the scam plans.

Pathetic as it may sound, but many web hosting services actually offer scam plans instead of highlighting what they can truly offer to website owners.  To clarify scam plans, these are those that make outrageous claims about their services simply to look more appealing than their competitors.  Website owners need to understand that the basic limitation exists among all website hosting services, even with the best like hostgator.

The limitations are mainly of the resources of the server, and that of the system.  To date, there is no such thing as a magic server that possesses unlimited supply of CPU power and RAM.  So if the deal alleges to provide unusually high amounts of web space or unbelievable bandwidth allocation, then you have to make clarifications.  On the average websites use up 50 MB of space and close to 1 GB of bandwidth on a monthly basis.

By these resources, you can judge whether you are getting a fair rate for the plans being offered to you, or you are merely being asked to pay more than what is necessary.  If your website is like the majority of those on the Internet today, then you have to closely consider the number being given to you by the web hosting services.  Because although unlimited anything looks very attractive, the main question would still boil down to if you really need these much resources.

Sometimes website owners make the justification that it is better to have them than to not have enough in case there is a need for expansion and upgrades.  Keep in mind that resources that are unused are still wasted resources, which means that website owners are actually throwing away precious money for something that they are not using.  Server resources are not like collectible cars that can just sit in the garage and look beautiful.  So get only what you need to maximize your budget.

  1. Always go for the legitimate web hosting services.

Everything on the Internet looks good and attractive when set against the right backdrop.  The same goes for web hosting services.  There are some that would like to give you the impression that they offer professional web hosting services, when in reality, all they are really after is profits.  This leaves website owners with the sad truth that they are paying for low quality, lack luster, and below industry standard services.

Undoubtedly, one of the criteria to look for is how long have they been providing web hosting services.  There are several that have been in existence almost since the dawn of Internet like in the case of Hostgator for example.  It is common sense to assume that web hosting services will not survive the wave of technological advancement if they are not a legitimate company.  You also need to look at the accreditation of the domains being offered as well as the track record of services.

Doing a whois lookup of the domain name can bring back extremely useful information that can help website owners in their search for the best month to month web hosting services.  The information will normally reveal the creation date for the domain name.  Anything that is less than 2 years should draw a flag because they are relatively young in the industry, and may not survive the next 2 years.  This is of course compared to established industry web hosting services like Hostgator, which is more than a decade old.

Considering that many web hosting services begin to fold in the second to third year of operation is not a very assuring statistic for website owners looking for the best services.  Understand that it is very easy to offer services today, many just buy reseller packages and they are already offer web hosting services.  Unfortunately, these are not the types of companies that you should be entrusting your websites to.

  1. There is no reason to pay annually.

Website owners should be able to realize that there really is no reason for them to agree to pay annually.  The common reasoning being given by web hosting services is that when you pay annually upfront, you can get good pricing schemes.  The best pay by the month web hosting services though believe that website owners should have the flexibility and control on how to handle the hosting services.  After all, if they are satisfied with the services, there will be no reason to move to another hosting provider.

The only reason to require website owner to pay annually is to tie them up to services they have not tried before.  Unfortunately, for most, this translates to crawling servers, nightmarish support, and unacceptable downtimeWebsite owners that retain the option to pay monthly have control to immediate cut the agreement to prevent suffering from such horrendous hosting services.

These issues may seem practical enough, however, when marketing hype takes over in the search for the best pay monthly web hosting services, they become almost non-existent.


Best Pay Monthly Web Hosting Service Providers| Month to Month Hosting

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Mike Yang July 14, 2013 at 9:17 pm

Thanks for the tips, this was very usefull, With all these Hosting websites it’s a mess!


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