All About Wildcard Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

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All About Wildcard Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

Knowing all about Wildcard Multi-Domain SSL Certificates will make your life just about a little better. Securing websites can be hard work especially if you are a busy person. Having too many sub-domains that need security will have you scouring for cheap SSL Certificates. That is if you are not familiar with Wildcard SSL Certificates. These certificates allow you to secure multiple sub-domains using just a single SSL Certificate; thus, saving you a lot of time and money.

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Wildcard SSL Certificates

People who are not familiar with Wildcard SSL Certificates might have misconceptions about this certificate. Because it can secure multiple sub-domains, it is often thought to be weaker and more vulnerable to attacks. On the contrary, it could be one of the best SSL Certificates that you can ever use.

  • One Certificate, One Domain, Multiple Sub-Domains

A Wildcard SSL Certificate will be able to secure a domain and multiple domains at once. By having multiple server licenses, you can protect any number of sub-domains that are under your main domain that has been protected with a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

This makes everything easier for you. No need to upload and install multiple SSL Certificates for every single sub-domain that you are managing. This saves you a lot of time and of course, money.

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  • Same Level of Protection Offered

Unlike popular belief, a Wildcard SSL Certificate is the same as regular SSL Certificates. It has the same cryptography used on SSL Certificates installed on single domains, which makes it also highly secured.

This kind of certificate is even better since it can protect multiple sub-domains without sacrificing any feature such as the length of key. Thus, contrary to what most people believe, Wildcard SSL Certificates are a better option especially for sites that have multiple sub-domains.

  • Simplified Website Management

When learning all about Wildcard Multi-Domain SSL Certificates, people often get thrilled with the simplicity of its management. Because only one certificate is used in securing all the sub-domains in a website, many people find it quite easier to install, update and renew their certificates.

This feature may seem trivial to some, especially to those who are not very busy with other tasks online. But for people who cram just to fit their schedule in managing their sites and offering services online, this is quite an advantage. People can just update one certificate and have all their sub-domains cleared up, which makes everything easier and simpler.

Wildcard SSL Certificates are some of the most advantageous SSL Certificates online. Once you familiarize yourself with this kind of certificate, you will find it hard to go back to the standard certificates that can only protect the main domain of your website.

Wildcard SSL Certificates do more than just protecting your websites; it also makes your life simpler by making website management easier. It also enables you to save money, which you can use to better your website and revamp the services and products that you are offering to your online customers.

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