All About Making a Good Looking Website that Visitors Like

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All About Making a Good Looking Website that Visitors Like

Creating a good looking website is not just about images and color. It is also about the content and the presentation. Because people are becoming more and more impatient and they keep on looking for anything that’s new or unique, all about making a good looking website that visitors like is not just a simple thing anymore. You need to think things through before you can even decide on what color your website will be; much more for the presentation of the content and the categories.

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Creating an Attractive Website

Creating a good looking website is not very hard if you know the elements that you need to include on it. And to help you determine what you need to have in your site, here is a simple guide.

  • Determine the Type of Users You are Targeting

Before you decide on what theme your website should have, you should determine the type of audience you are aiming for. There are two types of audiences that you need to choose from. Depending on your niche, you will have either of the two types of visitors: the searchers and the wanderers.

Searchers look for information and are keen on detail and presentation of content in a website. So, you have to make a properly presented site when you have this kind of audience. Wanderers, on the other hand, are not that keen to content and are more likely to be passing their time on various websites that they visit. You don’t have to be very specific in detail with this type of audience but you have to make your site attractive enough to make them stay.

  • Wide or Deep Websites

As for websites, you need to determine whether you are going to use a wide or a deep website. If you want your site to show all of your links and categories to your audience, you need a wide website. But if you are aiming for surprise and want to have deep links, you need a deep website.

Depending on your type of audience, you need to choose the best type for them. Learn how to determine what they would like. Some people want everything to be presented to them while some like searching for answers and looking for things by themselves.

  • Minimal Instructions

Whatever kind of website you are aiming for, whether it is deep or wide, you should focus on minimizing the instructions that your audience has to go through so that they can do what you want. If you like them to sign up for a newsletter or buy your products, they should not be too many clicks away from those pages or actions.

  • Friendly and Interactive

To make your site more attractive, you should make it easy to use and interactive. Files should be easy to load and they should be able to navigate the site without getting lost in it.

When creating a good looking website, less is more. Avoid distractions that can take your visitor’s attention away from your main goal; conversion, subscription, whatever it is.

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