All About Building an Online Store Website with InMotion Web Hosting

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All About Building an Online Store Website with InMotion Web Hosting

When you are planning on building an online shop, you need to know all about building an online store website with InMotion web hosting. Because InMotion is considered to be one of the best web hosting providers for online shops, you should know how to create a site with it. This will make your site creation and management tasks a lot easier.

Creating an Online Store with InMotion

Here are the things that you need to do in building an online shop with InMotion. This guide shows how you can create an online shop using OpenCart.

  • Install OpenCart

There are two ways to install OpenCart on InMotion. You can use Softaculous to automatically install the app or you can install it manually using an FTP client.

When building an online store website with InMotion web hosting, you need to know both. When installing automatically, you just need to log in to your cPanel and go to ‘Softwares/Services’ and find ‘Softaculous.’ Just click on ‘OpenCart’ and wait for it to be installed.

When using an FTP client, download OpenCart first before uploading it on the directory of your choice. Make sure to unzip the file before uploading.

  • Configuring OpenCart Settings

Another thing that you need to focus on when learning how to build an online store with InMotion web hosting is the configuration of the settings of OpenCart. This will enable you to give your store a name and all the details needed.

Go to your OpenCart account and go to ‘Settings’ under ‘System’. Provide your store’s name as well as your name as the owner of the store. You might also need to provide your email and your phone number.

  • Pick a Theme

In the ‘OpenCart Extensions Directory’, find a theme that you like. There are a lot of themes to choose from so take your time. Learning all about InMotion web hosting is also learning about choosing the best theme for your OpenCart store as this will give your online shop character and will also help you build your online presence and brand.

Choose the theme that you like and download it. Unzip the file and upload it on your OpenCart root directory then log in to your OpenCart dashboard to configure it. Once logged in to your dashboard, go to go to ‘Settings’ then edit your online shop. On the ‘Store’ Tab, select the theme that you have just uploaded from a drop down menu and you’re done. Don’t forget to populate your site with your products and other info about your shop and your products to make customers frequent your site more.

Learning all about building an online store website with InMotion web host is important as it will enable you to create a wonderful online store without much effort. With the help of OpenCart and InMotion web hosting, you will be able to create a professional online shop without spending tons of money on hosting solutions and eCommerce applications that you can actually use for free.

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