How to Create and Get Your Own Website

Have you been thinking of creating your own website lately, but you don’t really know where to start? Creating a website is a lot easier than you think, especially since there are a lot of guides that can give you step by step approach on how to build and design a website. People can also build their website from scratch nowadays since there are a lot of programs, online site builders, and content management systems than can help you with the workload that comes with creating a website. In this article, we will give you tips on how to construct a website, as well as a brief discussion on the many benefits you can expect from making your own website.

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You can create your own website; we promise.  It’s not that hard.

How To Get Your Own Website

Before the Internet became completely mainstream, there weren’t that many websites to browse on. Most websites were meant for large corporations or famous public figures. This is because buying a domain name was very expensive in the past, not to mention the costs of having a company host your website. Today, nearly everyone has their own website.


Because the costs associated with making a website came down considerable.  The complexity of creating your own website has been reduced considerably as well.  People can even make a free website today, something that was unthinkable in the past.  WordPress, for example, is a free script you can load in your web hosting account in less than 10 minutes to create your own site.  Here’s some tips to help you get started in the creation of your web site assuming that you’re interested, which we know you are because you’re reading this site!

1.     Acquire Or Buy A Domain Name – Before you get started, the first thing that you have to do is to get yourself a domain name. Basically a domain name is the name or address that you give to your website. In order to get a domain of your own, you have to search and find an available one, and then buy the right to use it from a domain name registration website. All you have to do is pay the domain name registration websites a yearly fee, and the domain name is yours to use as your online website address for your site.

GoDaddy is the largest and most well known domain registrar.  Click here to use this special discount offer to buy your domain name for only $2.95 now.

2.     Create Your Hosting Account – Your domain name is just a start, the next step is finding a web hosting company that will host your website for you. Technically speaking you can host your own website, but this can be extremely difficult especially for those who aren’t computer literate. It’s just not worth it, especially considering how much web hosting costs have come down the last few years.  Just buy cheap shared hosting from a reliable web host to get your site off the ground.

HostGator’s costs are really reasonable, and they will be the one who will take care of maintaining the server for you, making sure that your visitors can view your website properly with very little technical difficulties.  If your website gets famous over the years and gets a ton of visitors, you can always easily upgrade to another package to accommodate more traffic to your website. Website hosting companies like HostGator have a management system, called a control panel, where you too can have control over your website and server. Make sure that you’re investing in a reliable web hosting company like HostGator. Don’t go for the free or suspicious hosts that offer free or ridiculously cheap rates, since their service may not be what you expect.

Unreliable web hosting is just a headache that you don’t want to deal with.  It’s not worth it.  Go with Hostgator now for $3.96/month web hosting via this link.

3.     Design Your Website – Now for the most fun, and yet most technical and work-loaded part of creating a website: the designing and the adding of content to your website. For this part, you can hire a team of website designers to do all the work for you, but this can be a bit pricey, and you won’t be able to have total control on what should be the design or output of your website. If you choose to design your website on your own, you can do so using a web editor program or online site builder. Web editor programs or online site builders can be bought, but there are some that are for free. One of the best web editor programs available in the market today is the Adobe Dreamweaver. This web editor program isn’t for free though, but it definitely works wonders. If you don’t know how to use web editor programs or online site builders, there are tons of tutorials available on the World Wide Web that can help any beginner. You can choose on how you want to style your website. You can turn it into a simple website, or you can turn it into a website with stunning designs. It’s completely up to you. It’s your own virtual space after all!

We suggest you load WordPress on your web hosting account, it’s free!  WordPress makes creating your website pretty easy.  There’s a one-click WordPress install feature on HostGator that will get your website off the ground in less than ten minutes.

Once you have WordPress loaded, you can use one of the free themes that are included.  Or, you can choose to buy a premium WordPress theme like Thesis or Genesis, which are both excellent.

4.     Make Your Website Known – There are millions of websites on the Internet, and your website can easily get lost among the throng of websites if you don’t do anything about it. To get more visitors to your website, submit the link of your website to famous search engines like Bing or Google. Before you do this though, make sure your website is search engine friendly. You can also exchange links with other people you know who own websites as well, this way their visitors can drop by your site as well.

Benefits Of Creating A Website

You’re probably wondering why people would bother making websites, or just what exactly are the benefits that a person can gain from making a website? Websites can be more than just a virtual space on the Internet that displays simple texts or photos. With websites, people can now open their own online shops and make money online. Another way to make money online would be to add advertisements on your website, so that you can gain money with every visitor you get. A website can even be a very affordable way to advertise your store or your products, if you have any. Small business websites are a common thing on the Internet, and yet these small businesses have been able to boost their sales because of creating a website.

Good luck creating your own website.  You can do it, promise.  Get started today.


How to Create and Get Your Own Website

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lisa December 7, 2012 at 12:06 pm

i would like to own my own website.thanks for showing us how to


Sujiretno Wulandari January 24, 2013 at 3:45 am

I am confused. I could not sign up at hosting in another country because I have no credit card to pay my order, is it available if I sign up in my country?


Ronaldo Ferrer March 10, 2013 at 3:11 pm

Simple but very informative post! I have a small business and I’m planning to make a website to advertise it online. Truly, I learned a lot from this post. Thanks for sharing!


Bret December 14, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Hey this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you
have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!


John June 21, 2016 at 2:47 pm

This is a great overview! Setting a site up is actually easier than the last steps, designing and promoting it, so if the first couple of steps sound too technical, don’t worry. HostGator does a good job of making things easy.

As far as designing your site, you don’t actually have to know any code if you use WordPress, which is really nice. Don’t let a fear of things being to complicated stop you from making your website!


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